“Reforms” For All Restaurants

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Chipotle closes Dallas restaurant seen in viral rodent video, Los Angelos. Chipotle Mexican Grill Inc said it has closed the Dallas restaurant where a diner shot video of rodents crawling on the restaurant floor that was widely shared on the internet three weeks ago and everyone sow it.
Shares in the formerly high-flying burrito chain, which has been battling to fully recover sales and trust lost after a string of food safety lapses in 2015, were down 1.8 percent to $328.50 in midday trading.
Chipotle closed the restaurant in Dallas’ historic West End District on Tuesday to assess the construction of the century-old building where it is housed, spokeswoman Quinn Kelsey said.”will reopen only when we are certain the building meets all Chipotle standards for operation.” said Kelsey.
Chipotle last month closed a restaurant in Sterling, Virginia, after more than 100 diners fell ill in a norovirus outbreak that the company said was likely caused by an employee working while ill and effected everyone.