Watch: WCPO gets it right when it comes to truck crash statistics

WCPO is bucking the trend of blaming crashes on truck drivers in a new video report based off a new Ohio Department of Transportation. Here you can see how drivers can avoid common and preventable crashes between their vehicles and commercial motor vehicles.
That’s not only about safe driving practices but also to reinforce that truckers are not typically at fault in crashes, as some people think. What ODOT did is something practical. They installed electronic signs( cutting off trucks can cut life short) warning drivers of the perils of engaging in unsafe driving habits around trucks. ODOT reports that of the fatal crashes in the state during 2017, only 10-15% were found to be the fault of the truck driver; whereas, 85-90% were the fault of the other vehicle involved in the crash.
“The big issue for people driving in cars is to make sure they allow for sure and clear distance, and to be aware that they shouldn’t drive in the blind zone of a tractor trailer.” The best thing is that WCPO agrees with ODOT urging drivers to practice some patience and respect for truck drivers out on the road so everybody can be safe.