Video: Trucker At Center Of Utah Nurse’s High-Profile Arrest Dies.


A hospital patient, trucker who a Utah nurse said she was protecting when she refused to allow police to draw his blood has died. For sure you remember the trucker who was hit by the fleeing suspect in a high speed chase, the nurse arrested for not drawing blood for the crooked cop, the dramatic video of Wubbels’ arrest caught widespread attention online amid national scrutiny of police use of force and the whole situation…

Bill Gray, a full-time truck driver as well as a Rigby Police Department reserve officer, has reportedly died of the burns he suffered in July during a fiery crash in northern Utah. Gray was unconscious at the Salt Lake City hospital when police detective Jeff Payne asked to draw his blood hours after the crash. Nurse Alex Wubbels refused because hospital policy required a warrant or patient consent and that’s when Payne handcuffed her and dragged her outside. We didn’t saw the outcome of what happened to the driver… and the sad truth is, he passed away.